How to do a Basic Lunge Leg Exercise

How to do a Basic Lunge Leg Exercise

The next exercise we are going to do is a basic lunge. Go ahead and turn aside. Right foot in front of left make sure there is enough room between your legs so that when you lunge your knees aren’t going forward past your ankles. So go ahead and separate those legs as wide as you can, navel to spine, and hands on your hips. Be straight ahead and everything in one line and inhale as you lower, both of these come to a 90 degree angle and exhale as you lift. You’re pushing with that front leg so the front leg is doing the work. You’re coming up by pushing that heel into the floor. Good. Inhale lower and exhale lift. You are going to do about 10 to 15 repetitions on the right leg. Exhale lift, inhale lower, push that front heel, and take a look at the angle of knee. It’s not going past my ankle at all. When you are done, go ahead and step together and the opposite leg. Right leg comes back make sure there is enough distance between those legs so that your knee can directly over your ankle and if you begin the exercise and you see that you have separated your legs enough, it’s okay to stop and readjust. Inhale lower, exhale lift. Again pushing through that front heel. Inhale lower, exhale lift.


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